SWIT-UKRAINE is an intensively growing business that occurs to be an official distributor of the leading premium European and Global brands in Ukraine. The company exclusively represents such premium brands as Bamix, Fiskars, Glasslock, SwissDiаmond, Duralex, Valera, Illa and others.

SWIT-UKRAINE priority is to work with the goods of the highest quality from brands that are recognized internationally as experts in their field. The main specialization of the company is working with the category "Dishes and home appliances and professional cookware". We also work with the category "Household and professional appliances for care and beauty." The business grows and develops dynamically; therefore, SWIT-UKRAINE is actively looking for new directions and categories. Development of new, modern, smart and green technologies is our priority.

The main office of SWIT-UKRAINE is located in Kiev with regional offices in the largest cities of Ukraine. The company is one of the largest suppliers for leading off-line and on-line retailers in the country, such as Epicenter, METRO Cash & Carry, Comfy, New Line, Megamarket, Silpo, Novus, Cocktail, Fozzy, Oldi, Rosette, Turnip, Allo, Yakaboo, 27.ua and others.

SWIT-UKRAINE is a partner of leading culinary experts and schools in Ukraine, such as Lisa Glinskaya, Dasha Malakhova and others. The company is a supplier of professional appliances for high-class cooks and confectioners, which allows it to deepen constantly its expertise and professionalism.

SWIT-UKRAINE gained the reputation of a reliable supplier in the Ukrainian market, the company's main principles are the highest quality, expertise, uniqueness and reliability.